• White Peekaboo Coffee Mug
  • White Peekaboo Coffee Mug
  • White Peekaboo Coffee Mug


White Peekaboo Coffee Mug

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Your favorite peekaboo coffee cup and saucer set, where functionality meets interactive design. This cleverly crafted set appears as a single unit, but it actually consists of two parts: the cup and the saucer. Explore the creative possibilities as the saucer becomes a versatile space to hold sugar cubes, chocolate, coffee beans, or even playful trinkets like notes or rings. When the cup is placed on the saucer, a delightful hidden box is created, concealing these little treasures within. the cup can stand alone with balance.

Each item is unique, finishes may vary.

  • 9.5-oz. cap.
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended.